About Us


We provide an educational environment in which students are nurtured to become inquisitive, forward thinking young adults that are able to actively participate and contribute toward UAE society and other global cultures.

With Islamic values at its core, PEA continually strives for academic excellence, keeping in mind UAE National Agenda Targets and other renowned international benchmarks, such as FBISE and Cambridge International Examinations.

Another intrinsic part of the school’s focus is identity and we endeavour to instill in students the necessity of valuing good character, morality and cultural diversity – both nationally and internationally.

Inclusion is one of the top priorities for the school and is highly valued, with students being encouraged to play an active role in recognising and developing their potential.

Among PEA’s overarching objectives is to develop students into intellectually astute, religiously and morally conscious citizens who are ready to embrace this era of technological progress.

Indeed, the future belongs to them and it is our duty to adequately prepare and equip them – and we are honoured to do so.

Landmark Progress

Landmark Progress

1988 saw the inauguration of the main school building, the architecture of which reflects our religion, culture and national identity. The esteemed President, (Late) General Zia-ul-Haq inaugurated the building, commending the school on its March results of that year, acknowledging the significance of facilitating the Pakistani community with a school complex of such grandeur.

On 3rd June, 2005, another significant and momentous development was realised. The school mosque was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Religious Affairs at the time, Ijaz-ul-Haq. Worth 4.6 million dirhams, the school mosque accommodates a congregation of four thousand worshippers, including a large women’s prayer hall.

In 2010, yet another landmark achievement was made with the completion of new Girls’ Wing and Academic Section.
This development enabled the institution to become a single-shift school in accordance with Ministry of Education requirements for all schools in UAE. The building is a ten million dirhams dream come true, incorporating a multi-purpose hall. It has the capacity to accommodate an audience of 600. The building’s semi-circular bay on the facade accentuates the overall beauty of the school.

Since reinstatement of the Pakistan Educational and Cultural Board in 2011 by the Government of Dubai, PEA
has made significant progress during the subsequent two years. This continues to be on display to visitors to the school who remark on its ambience and scenic setting.

Most recently, in 2020 the school achieved another milestone that resonated throughout the community, becoming the first Pakistani school in UAE to successfully attain Cambridge International status. As part of a renowned worldwide educational network, PEA is being acknowledged for its continuing vision and pursuit of academic excellence for its students. This new status also serves to complement the school’s existing FBISE status.

At the end of the same year, PEA underwent a transformational change. The school was rebranded with a new logo that encapsulates its fundamental values of faith, education and culture.

As 2020 came to end, the 2019 TIMSS results were announced with the school scoring in the top 4 of school sectors in Dubai, achieving High International Benchmark, the 2nd highest rating according to the international assessment criteria.

In 2021, the school successfully obtained Cambridge Professional Development Qualification status, becoming the 2nd and largest Centre that will deliver certificate and diploma programmes.

As the school proceeds into the 21st century, its stakeholders, staff and students intend to achieve more landmark success for both local community and wider society.


1. To develop an alumni programme that will encourage previous students to identify themselves with PEA;

2. Generate and sustain interest in the school’s progress, inspiring other alumni to contribute towards development of the institution and the projection of its positive image throughout society.

3. To provide opportunities for alumni to participate in various cultural and social events held by PEA in order to strengthen ties between the school, expatriate community and home country.

4. To facilitate existing students of PEA in their seeking information and exchanging ideas in relation to their fields of study and interests, communicating with alumni who are successful in respective professions.

5. To provide a point of contact to the alumni for sharing ideas and providing suggestions for further improvement in particular areas of education

School Library

Our School library is where students and staff have access to a variety of resources. The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information, and to information technology.

Computer Laboratory

We have well-equipped Computer laboratories for boys and girls. Computer laboratories not only provide basic computer training to the students but they also cater to the requirement of SSC and HSSC curricula.

Medical Care

Good health is not only important to a child’s general well-being but also essential for a student’s academic success. Children spend nearly half of their waking hours at school, so they need health care professionals available to ensure their safety and protection.

Grand Auditorium

The auditorium is one of the most expensive units of the school buildings. Our School auditorium is the centre of multifarious indoor activities for our students, which has a capacity of approximately 600 seats. The stage is a proscenium with an apron.

Our Mission

To build a generation of creative and motivated achievers who reflect Islam in their words and deeds, illuminating the future of mankind.

Our Vision

To provide an exemplary educational environment where young minds can be enlightened to serve the society in a progressive manner in line with the Islamic values, UAE and world culture.

To focus on academic excellence to meet UAE National Agenda Targets and strive to nurture our students by valuing character, morality and cultural diversity nationally and globally.

Key Of Success

Inclusion, being one of the top priorities of PEA, is encouraged, valued and affirmed to provide opportunities to students so that they endure to actively play their role in developing the nation and humanity to the best of their capabilities and potentials.