KG Section

Our Kindergarten provides education for children between the ages of 4 to 6. Our aim is to create a school environment which is caring, happy and safe. We appreciate that staff are our most important asset. We therefore employ highly qualified and experienced early year professionals. We also ensure our staff undergo continual training and are well versed in current ‘best practice’.


Primary Section

In the Primary Section, we focus on the needs of each student. The section provides a relaxed and safe environment where teaching is innovative and enlightening. Teachers continue to infuse the joy of learning into a warm and colorful environment, providing a gradual introduction to more formal activities and increased self-reliance. We aim to develop confidence and ensure achievement, enabling learners to be well-rounded students

Girls Section

The Girls Wing consists of classes ranging from 1 to 12 for female students, with all female staff. The building itself has an attractive design and is appropriately painted in green and white, symbolising the national national colours of Pakistan.

In addition to the classrooms equipped with ICT facilities, the building has a spacious and fully equipped Computer Laboratory, Home Economics laboratory, ICT room, Art Room, multipurpose auditorium, Counselling Room, Staff Room, Coordinators’ offices, canteen and washrooms.

Boys Section

Inaugurated in 1988 by (Late) General Zia-ul-Haq, then President – Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the classical building of Boys Wing epitomises our religious, cultural and national identity. It has two domes at its far ends, an ornamental Mosque next to it, and many classrooms rooms and laboratories.

The building houses A Primary Wing, K.G. Admin sections on the first floor and Boys’ classrooms on the second.