Primary Section

Primary Section

In the Primary Section, we focus on the needs of each student. The section provides a relaxed and safe environment where teaching is innovative and enlightening. Teachers continue to infuse the joy of learning into a warm and colorful environment, providing a gradual introduction to more formal activities and increased self-reliance.

We aim to develop confidence and ensure achievement, enabling learners to be well-rounded students.


The Primary Wing constitutes the ground floor of the school’s main building, with classes ranging from grades 1 – 4. Grades 1 and 2 are coeducational while Grades 3 onwards provide separate classrooms for boys and girls.

We have a purpose-built campus with a decor designed according to national colours of Pakistan. The campus also houses an Art Room, a multi-purpose Dome-hall, a Staff Room, Coordinators’ offices, a canteen and washrooms. A separate Computer Laboratory has recently been established for the Primary Wing. Another room is also utilised for ICT lessons.



Our curriculum includes a blend of core and non-core subjects. Lessons are taught by subject specialists in Islamic Studies, Arabic, English, General Science, Mathematics, Art, Physical Education and Computer Technology.

The school has devised a learning programme that helps us comprehend the learning requirements of our students who mostly speak Pushto or Urdu as their first language. However, as a FBISE school, the medium of communication is English. Our recent registration as a Cambridge International School provides an even stronger foundation to communicate in English while preserving students’ first language.


Morning Assembly at PEA is considered a time for confidence-building and development of presentational skills in students. This is followed by a session geared towards inculcating in them the love of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the core values of Islam.

Events, such as field trips and educational excursions are facilitated to extend student-learning beyond the classroom. Many activities, such as Pakistan Day Celebrations, U.A.E National Day, Quaid’s and Sir Iqbal Days encourage the appreciation and development of understanding for local, regional and international cultures and traditions.

Every Thursday, we conduct a Club Hour with our students for co-curricular activities.