Parent Council

PEA Parent Council 2021-22

PEA Parent Council 2021-22 has been formed to facilitate the students’ overall progress, by providing recommendations and coordinating with the school management for the completion of the educational trio, i.e., students, teachers, and parents.

The objective of the Parent Council is also to develop and engage in activities that support the education and welfare of the pupils and represent the views of parents on the education and welfare of students.

The PEA Parent Council is consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and four Executive Members (representing each section of the school, i.e., Kindergarten Section, Primary Section, Girls Wing, and Boys Wing). Following is the detail of the members of the PEA Parent Council 2021-22.



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Parent Council Team Members

Syeda Kiran Rehman


“As a chairperson of Parent Council I believe it is my responsibility to work as a bridge between parents and the management. I would try my best to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.”


Muhammad Adeel Tariq

Vice Chairperson

“I want to help parents to understand decisions from the point of view of the school, to raise a voice for parents and to engage families in the educational development of their children.”


Imran Hashim

Executive Member (Kindergarten)

“I appreciate the opportunity provided by the school management and looking forward to serve with other members for the betterment of the institution.”


Mehwish Faiz

Executive Member (Primary)

“I am thankful to the management for giving me this opportunity.”


Muhammad Azeem

Executive Member (Girls Wing)

“As an executive member of the parent’s council, my focus is to enhance the partnership between our school, our community, and our parents. Also to involve and consult with parents to develop the supportive relationship that exists between home and school.”


Sadaf Hilal

Executive Member (Boys Wing)

“I am very excited to be part of the Parent Council and to be the bridge between PEA and its Parents. I must say that there is immense talent, skill and scope within our school which needs to be enhanced to take PEA and its students to the next level.”