Every person has the potential and ability to become a positive contributor of society. Regardless of intellectual, physical or social backgrounds, all individuals have the faculties to flourish as active members of their community.

As an educational institution, Pakistan Educational Academy complies with the UAE Disability Act and Law No. 29, 2006, which guarantees the rights and protection in health, education, work, entrepreneurship and public services for students with special needs, and believes that all children should have equal access to a decent education.

According to Executive Council Resolution No. (2) 2017 and, in line with Federal Law (2006) and Law No. 2 (2014), improving the education and outcomes of the determined students remain a priority for Dubai to promote Inclusion. This is how the UAE has chosen to view the attributes of persons with disabilities; a reflection of their strength of character, their perseverance and their courage. The inspiration for the development of Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017) is clear in the words His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who stated

“Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and successes.
The Dubai Disabilities Strategy has a determined an aspirational vision to create a fully cohesive and inclusive society. One where the rights and access to equitable opportunities for people of determination are assured and protected.
Under the leadership of the Executive Council of Dubai, and through the focus of my community a city for every one initiative, KHDA has the privilege of leading the Inclusive Education taskforce and the development of Dubai’s Inclusive Education strategy. This is just one strand of Dubai’s aspiration to be a fully inclusive city by 2020. Accurate self-evaluation is a precondition for the improvement of provision and outcomes for determined students.”

In the light of the UAE Ministry of Education “Education for All” programme, PEA seeks to address the needs of students who require special assistance. This Programme aims to provide the guidelines that will be undertaken by the school to assist the determined students as well as gifted and talented ones, irrespective of their capacities, in a quest to facilitate them becoming positive contributors to society.

As everyone is capable of becoming valuable assets to the community, PEA upholds every individual’s right to cultivate his/her capacities regardless of alternative perceptions from others. No educational institution should hinder a child from striving to develop his/her potential, and all reasonable efforts must be exhausted to assist him/her in this pursuit. All children should be given an equal chance to learn, improve and thrive and PEA is committed to such endeavours.