Parent Council

PEA Parent Council 2023-24

PEA Parent Council 2023-24 has been formed to facilitate the students’ overall progress, by providing recommendations and coordinating with the school management for the completion of the educational trio, i.e., students, teachers, and parents.

The objective of the Parent Council is also to develop and engage in activities that support the education and welfare of the pupils and represent the views of parents on the education and welfare of students.



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PEA Parent Council 2023/2024

Hakim Ullah

Hakim Ullah

“To build a platform where parents have confidence that their voice matters, strengthening the Trio (Child, Parent and School) bond for effective results of overall school services.”


Mehreen Marfani

Vice Chairperson
Mehreen Marfani

Myself Mehreen Marfani, working in UAE since last 07 years as a Business Partner in PRO Services. Recently started my new venture of Travel & Tourism.
“As a Vice chairperson of Parent Council, I believe it is my responsibility to work as a bridge between parents and the management. I would try my best to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.”
“I want to help parents to understand decisions from the point of view of the school, to raise a voice for parents and to engage families in the educational development of their children.”
“I appreciate the opportunity provided by the school management and looking forward to serve with other members for the betterment of the institution.”
“My focus is to enhance the partnership between our school, our community, and our parents. Also, to involve and consult with parents to develop the supportive relationship that exists between home and school.”
“I am very excited to be part of the Parent Council and to be the bridge between PEA and its Parents. I must say that there is immense talent, skill and scope within our school which needs to be enhanced to take PEA and its students to the next level.”


Muhammad Afzaal

Mr. Afzaal photo

Working experience: over 20 years of experience in the field of trading, import, export, construction and manufacturing
Current Role: HR cum Finance manager (Qi group of companies since 2009)

Motivations: I always love learning process and it was really excited to be part of this council as together we can achieve, the main goal to be part of this council is to play any kind of role which helps students to achieve their targets as well for the school process and give suggestions which are mutually acceptable for both schools as well for parents. Main hobby is to read books, play cricket


Memoona Aslam

Memoona Aslam

I am Memoona Aslam from Pakistan. I did my masters in mathematics in 2012 from a well known university of my country. I remained in touch with teaching learning process in Pakistan. As earlier, i applied for PTC executive member. For this i have many goals in my mind but the foremost and the significant one is to create strong alliance between parents and the school personnel. I would like to motivate the parents to have consultation with the teachers for the outstanding performance of their kids. I have in the back of my mind the school community must encourage an atmosphere of communication between and among parents, staff and students…


Nosheen Rana

Nosheen Rana

I am child psychologist and purpose of joining parents council is entirely based on the well being of children and their parents. As my kids study in this school that’s why i feel special affiliation with the matters of school. I hope i can brought parents messages to school management and school perspectives to parents. Wishing all the parents council best of luck. Thank you


Farooq Gujjar

Farooq Gujjar

Farooq Gujjar, a dedicated father and finance professional with over 17 years of experience in finance, audit & assurance, and system evaluations, brings invaluable expertise to the council. Currently, he holds a leadership position in the Finance division of a well-regarded fit-out business, where he utilizes his skills and knowledge to drive financial success and ensure efficient operations.

Farooq Say’s “His motivation to join the Parent Council stems from his desire to play a vital role in shaping the educational experience of our children at PEA. His focus will be on supporting academic excellence and promoting the well-being of our children by engaging our community. His meticulous evaluation and scrutiny habits will enables him to contribute significantly to the council’s initiatives and help create a positive and enriching educational environment.”